The Shot Heard Round The World

237 years ago today, that shot was heard round the world as soon-to-be Americans stood their ground against British soldiers who sought to seize their arms and ammo, thus their ability to defend themselves against governmental oppression.

I was going to write a longer post about the event, but knew someone else would come forward having done a better job.

As expected, Miss Western Rose, over at The Little Adventures of Wester Rose, put up a post today quoting a letter written last year by The Arctic Blogger to Captain John Parker.  I will simply link to it here, since it speaks volumes of the tough decisions and extreme sacrifice made by those early Americans as they took a stand and created a nation.

You can find the post and the letter by CLICKING HERE.  I encourage you to take the time to read it.

For more information on this day in history, visit the Texas Appleseed facebook page.

God bless America!

Flowers From Friends

Below are a few photos that friends have taken of spring flowers just recently.  All of them make me happy, and as I’ve said before, “Flowers are the Great Physician’s happy pills.”  Enjoy!

These photos of spring wildflowers were taken by Seresa Hunter Crowson on a recently family camping trip to the Texas hill country.  Note the beautiful butterfly in the second photo.

This one was taken by Holly Cate of Holly Cate Photography, a young woman with an amazing eye for stunning photographs.  You can see more of her photos, and purchase them, by going to the link above.

This crocus photo was graciously shared by Western Rose, another young woman with an eye for beauty, and sister to Holly Cate.  You can see that photographic talent definitely runs in the family – as does rifle shooting 🙂  You can find more photos at The Little Adventures of Western Rose, or read more about her by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing these beautiful photos of creation with us!

Appleseed: From Coast to Coast

Read about the adventures Western Rose experienced as she got to instruct at Appleseed events across the country.

The Little Adventures of Western Rose


Earlier this month I was asked to write about my experience traveling (literally) from coast to coast teaching at Project Appleseed events in one year. Though this is mostly about my time back east, I also taught at several events in Washington and Idaho. Thanks go to Gwen for proofreading this!

Appleseed: From Coast to Coast
By Western Rose (age: 19)
Volunteer RWVA Instructor and Administrator

During the summer of 2011, I was given an adventure like none other—traveling from one side of the United States to the other, teaching fundamental rifle marksmanship and the role it has played in our heritage as…

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Generation HC (High Caliber)

I was just telling my sister the other day how impressed I’ve been with the young people I’ve met at the range over the past few years, and then I read a great post today on Allie “Allie Cat” Barrett that I am compelled to pass along – and thanks to Beth at  Sass, Brass, and Bullets for sharing it.

Allie is a 15 year-old USPSA tournament target shooter from Stockton, Missouri, and she is a stellar example of the quality of young people involved in shooting sports today.  A Barrett family friend, and author of the Wee Five Family blog, wrote about his impressions of this young lady in “Just Another Blonde Girl With A Gun.”

I hope to publish an interview with Allie sometime soon, as well as other members of her generation that I’m equally impressed with, such as her brother, Andy; and Western Rose, a Project Appleseed rifle instructor over at The Little Adventures of Western Rose.

These young ladies, and many young men, are members of the under-20 group I choose to call the High Caliber Generation, the ones that we can be proud to entrust future generations of shooters to.

So check out these posts and blog sites, and I hope to be posting my first interview with a young shooter soon.  Oh, and check out Allie’s facebook page for more info on her amazing shooting accomplishments.

Happy shooting!