Wanna Win Won?

If you are a woman and you love shooting and the outdoors, you have to head over to the WON, Women’s Outdoor News site, and check out all the great articles and reviews  they have for you there.  And don’t forget to enter the contest for an awesome Bang Bang Boutique range bag by CLICKING HERE.  Just comment on the post and tell them what you keep in your range bag – or what you would like to keep in it – that most other ladies would not.  It’s a great chance to win a great gift.


Tips From Gabby

Gabby Franco has a great post today – “Tip of the Day:  Range Equipment Guide:” – that I wanted to share with you.  Head over to her page by clicking the link just above, or by CLICKING HERE.

By the way, I love the blue and brown range bag in the photo 🙂