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Many thanks to Rebecca and Joe over at the Outdoor Blogger Network for choosing this site as one of three featured blogs this week.   The OBN team has provided a platform of encouragement and support for outdoor bloggers of all types, and their site is full of great information for everyone.

You can check out the three featured blogs, and many others, by going to  Outdoor Blogger Network.  Look around some while you are there; I’m sure you’ll love what you find!

Cabela’s Ladies Day and Outdoors Woman

I’m headed to Buda, Texas (Austin area) early tomorrow morning to represent the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshops at the Cabela’s Ladies Day Out event.  This weekend workshop will offer seminars and demonstrations in fly fishing, exotic game cooking, archery, reloading, sport shooting, ladies gear, camp cooking, optics for birding and nature, and more.

The Becoming and Outdoors Woman workshops are available in almost every state, and are also a great opportunity for women to get their feet wet with outdoor activities such as handgun, rifle, shotgun, or archery, as well as everything from learning about edible plants to basket weaving and game butchering to bird house building.  Participants are able to choose the workshops they would like to attend from a list of many.

Check out the links above for more information on either of these events, but if you wish to attend a BOW workshop, send in your registration and payment the minute you receive notice, as they fill up almost instantly.  You can find the Texas BOW facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

And if you are in the Austin, Texas area tomorrow, come by the BOW table and say hi!

Flowers From Friends

Below are a few photos that friends have taken of spring flowers just recently.  All of them make me happy, and as I’ve said before, “Flowers are the Great Physician’s happy pills.”  Enjoy!

These photos of spring wildflowers were taken by Seresa Hunter Crowson on a recently family camping trip to the Texas hill country.  Note the beautiful butterfly in the second photo.

This one was taken by Holly Cate of Holly Cate Photography, a young woman with an amazing eye for stunning photographs.  You can see more of her photos, and purchase them, by going to the link above.

This crocus photo was graciously shared by Western Rose, another young woman with an eye for beauty, and sister to Holly Cate.  You can see that photographic talent definitely runs in the family – as does rifle shooting 🙂  You can find more photos at The Little Adventures of Western Rose, or read more about her by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing these beautiful photos of creation with us!

Gun range campout – doesn’t get much better than that!

This weekend was a great time of outdoor fun, when some of us attending a Project Appleseed event camped out at the range for the weekend.

We were in heaven with campfire cooking, rifle shooting, beautiful weather, and good friends – when the only thing missing for me was a shower :/

I’ve mentioned Project Appleseed many times in my posts – such as in:  “No Guns in My House – Well, Maybe,” “Ladies, You Are in Good Company!,” and “Generation HC Member:  Leslie Cernik aka Western Rose,” as well as about five others; so you can tell that I think very highly of the organization.

For those who haven’t checked them out yet, you can go to the Project Appleseed website, or find the Appleseed facebook page for your region of the country for more info.

This is a great entry-level event in which to learn firearm safety, three-position rifle shooting, and to hear some American history that you may never have heard before.

It’s also an opportunity for the experienced rifle shooter to possibly earn their Rifleman patch on the Army Qualification Test, and it is an intensive weekend of training and education that you won’t soon forget.  I encourage you to investigate and find an event in your area to attend.

Although it will soon be too warm in my area to tent camp (in my opinion), I’ve got my iron skillets and dutch ovens oiled up and will be ready for the first hint of cooler weather in the fall.

Now to practice my rifle skills for the next Appleseed.

Gotta get that Rifleman patch!

Outdoor photography sites

I wanted to pass along a couple of blog sites to you that focus on outdoor photography and have stunning photographs.  I’ve already posted a couple of links to Dianne’s site over at life as I see it, which is phenomenal, but there are a couple of others worth mentioning, as well.

Patrick Latter, at Canadian Hiking Photography  goes places that I wouldn’t even think of going – so I’m able to live vicariously through his adventures.  For every trek, Patrick posts the temperature, weather conditions, directions, and gear used on the trip, along with other info to describe the spectacular photos he captures.  Check out his recent hike of Ha Ling Peak.

Next, Photobotos describes their collaboration by saying, “Come Travel With Us – We promise one amazing photo every day.”  This site allows photographers to send in the pics they have taken from around the world, along with tips, hints, and techniques for achieving similar results.  One of my recent favorites is “Sea of Horses.”

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Camera shots

This photo was taken the other day, then two days later, I took the one below of the same basic area on the tree (though not exactly the same angle).  You can see how many new blooms have burst out in just a couple of days (and I’m sorry I just noticed the trash bags – will have to crop later :0)


The next ones were taken from my hammock in the back yard, from late afternoon to dark.

Bird nest in barren tree.

Moon over my hammock

Smoke from the fire


Taken on a hunting trip:  Sunset behind the blind

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The site, which now hosts 1218 outdoor blogs listed in over 72 categories, was the brainchild of friends and fishing buddies, Rebecca Garlock, aka The Outdooress, and Joe Wolf of Flowing Waters.  The two dreamed up the concept of OBN while on a fly fishing trip for trout in Oregon.  They believed that “…a unified group of Bloggers has a much better chance of being taken seriously by the Outdoor industry as a viable part of the media.”

Based on the huge number of outdoor bloggers, each with their own following, who participate, as well as the large number of national media outlets and businesses that have jumped onboard, it appears Garlock and Wolf have been extremely successful in their endeavor.

Whether your love is shooting sports or kayaking, fishing or hiking, outdoor photography, conservation, hunting, or myriad other activities that involve the great outdoors, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Outdoor Blogger Network.

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Magazine for young shooters

For those that still have members of the under-18 crowd at home, or who know of young people in that category, did you know the NRA publishes a monthly magazine just for junior shooters?  You and/or your junior can view the February issue online, as well as previous issues, by clicking here:  NRA InSights:  News for Young Shooters.

Each month the magazine brings news, contests, stories, games, and more to young people interested in hunting and the shooting sports.  There are also tips, conservation news, podcasts, camp listings, tons of photos, and too much more to list.

Check it out, and don’t miss this month’s feature story on Cool Jobs:  Exhibition Shooter – Ramping It Up! by Linda Hoff.

Granny, Get Your Gun!

As I alluded to the other day in a previous post, many “grannies” are coming into the shooting arena these days – and hey, I’m not hating on grannies, cause I are one 🙂  I’ve heard from more ladies lately who are in their 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s, than I have from the spring chickens, and I think there’s a good reason for that.

One lady told me the other day that her kids were into everything when they were growing up:  football, baseball, cheerleading, etc., but that she had not been involved in any activities when she was young – most likely due to lack of funds.  Finally, she said, it is her turn.  This lady lives alone and one of her sons felt she needed to have a gun for self-defense; but, surprise, surprise, she found out she actually loves to shoot and enjoys it as a hobby as well as a protector of all that is hers.

Another lady told a horrifying story of her EX-husband holding a gun to her head for three hours.  Although she didn’t go into a lot of details, she said she realized it was time for her to take control and learn to defend herself, after too many years of letting someone else control her life.

Others have said they just never had the time nor the money for a hobby of their own while their kids were young and involved in their worlds, so now that they don’t have to worry with a babysitter and they’re not having to taxi kiddos to and fro, they are free to explore various options of their own.

Again, whatever the reason and whatever the age of the lady involved, I think the shooting sports are a blast for many reasons (pun intended).  One thing I do recommend for some of us ladies, though, especially those that haven’t been extremely physically fit in many years – or who maybe put their kids’ health and physical well-being above their own for too long – is to begin to eat right and get some exercise.  Being fit can help you feel more empowered, regardless the activity you are doing, and shooting is no different.

I have found that being involved in shooting has helped motivate me to WANT to get back in shape.  Improving your upper-body strength will make it much easier to hold your firearm steady for longer periods of time – and you know you don’t like to stop shooting just because your arms are tired.

When I first started shooting, I said, “Now, if I could just lose weight doing this!”  Well, you might actually be able to do that if you join a practical shooting group that darts and dashes through a course of fire, rather than standing in one place on the line.  I mean, getting exercise and being able to shoot at the same time?  That’s a killer combo! (another pun intended)

So don’t let the fact that you have grandchildren, or are old enough to have them, keep you from taking up a new hobby and trying the shooting sports.  I mean, technically, shooting is a pretty good equalizer in the fact that even if you are in a wheelchair, you can still shoot.  Have back problems and can’t stand?  Sit at the line and shoot benchrest.  One way or the other, if you want to shoot, there is a way for you to do it.

So get your gun, get out there, and shoot something, Granny!  Show those spring chickens how it’s done!