Police Advise Women to Defend Themselves With Purse Junk

Would anyone advise a man to defend himself against an ARMED assailant by using keys, pens, pencils…or a RAT TAIL COMB??  Has anyone even used a rat-tail comb since the 60’s?  How about a “teasing brush”?  Seriously?  But wait, there’s more.  As a last resort, women are told to put their fingers down their throat and make themselves vomit.  Yep, that’s what the Illinois State Police website recommends to women who go there looking for information.

What the women do not find is info on how to legally carry in the state, because Illinois still does not allow their residents to do so.  You can read about this silliness by clicking here.

OR – you can read what one police officer has to say about defending yourself – HERE