Get the lead out!

Thanks to Natalie over at Girls Guide to Guns for the reminder about possible lead contamination in shooters.  Her recent post, “So I Might Start Wearing Gloves:  Notes on Gunpowder Safety,” cautions us to be diligent about washing our hands after shooting, shooting at an outdoor range when possible, and even possibly wearing gloves to keep the lead at bay.  Check out her full article and be safe out there!

Women earning more leadership positions in shooting sports

Publisher/Editor, Barbara Baird, over at Women’s Outdoor News, has a good post today about leading ladies in the shooting industry.  She notes that in the shooting sports, women have been allowed to compete on a level playing field with men, and have risen to leadership positions in the industry, overall.

As Barbara said, “. . . are we seeing a paradigm here? Women tried to play football and no one attended the games. Women’s sports, even at collegiate levels, do not command the gate revenue that men’s sports do. But, in the shooting sports, where women shoot during the same tournament or match, yet compete against other women (and themselves, really), are we seeing the rise of women in leadership levels because they are allowed to compete alongside the men, and compete in other areas then, as well?”

Check out her story here:  “Ladies, first, in the gun industry?