Another Komen reversal…or not?

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has made policy reversals in the past, but this latest controversy may have been instigated by California gun seller, Discount Gun Sales, instead.  The breast cancer research foundation came under intense fire recently when they pulled support from Planned Parenthood due to investigations of PP, but then reversed their stance after negative public response and once again agreed to support the organization.

About the same time, Komen supporters also railed against the reported affiliation between the breast cancer research foundation and the Walther gun manufacturing company.  The two companies were said to have teamed up to produce the Walther P-22 Hope Edition, “breast cancer pink” slide included.

Many Komen backers have expressed anger over the foundation’s support and involvement in producing a firearm, although a portion of the firearm’s sales were said to have gone into breast cancer research.

Now reports are coming out that Komen had no involvement in the pink P-22 and company representatives are denying the affiliation.  So was this just an advertising gimmick by Discount Gun Sales, another cave-in to controversy by Komen, or just some huge misunderstanding?

Maybe we need to hear from the Walther corporation.

Susan G. Komen gun-backing controversy

Oh, the humanity!  The Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has gotten their signature pink on yet another product – and it’s a gun!  Whatever will we do?

As I have said before, I’m a little over-done with breast-cancer pink being on everything from toilet paper to pro football players, as well as the fact that one form of cancer is getting so much more attention and support than all others.  It also does not make me want to support the organization when I hear of so many sufferers of the disease not being the recipients of all those millions (billions) of dollars.

But those are my personal opinions – (and yes, I’ve had cancer (not breast) and several people close to me have had various types of cancer in the past year, including a long-time friend who died of breast cancer, so I don’t like it anymore than anyone else does).

Now, however, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has teamed up with the Walther gun manufacturing company to produce the Walther P-22 Hope Edition, of course, with a beautiful pink slide – but, Lord, the controversy this is causing!

Many people, who are thrilled to spend their money on sponsored products in order to raise funds for breast-cancer research, are now railing against this alliance of the pink campaign with a firearm.  I guess they don’t want money from women who like to shoot.

Comments I’ve seen around the web include:

“What should women do, shoot themselves?”  Who has EVER said that ANYONE should shoot themselves with a gun?

“Guns are a major killer of women.”  Do you really want to talk about what is killing women?  Well, do ya?

Newsflash:  Cancer kills many more women each year than guns.  According to statistics, approximately 275,000 women are expected to die this year from cancer – a number that was much higher in 1999, when 1884 women were killed with guns.  It is not easy finding specific statistics on handgun killings among females, maybe because it is uncommon, but the numbers boil down to approximately five killings of women with handguns/day and approximately 753 killings of women from cancer/day.

‘Nother Newsflash:  Cancer can strip you of all dignity, confidence, and empowerment, but shooting (and many other sporting activities) can give all that back.

Personally, I don’t care if your gun is lime green with orange polkadots!  Face it, women like many different things, and if pink floats your boat, go for it – and if those purchases support breast cancer research, all the better.  So where’s the problem?