Date Night at the Range

Fun with guys, gals, and guns!

Once a month for the past few months, five or six couples have been meeting together for Date Night at the Range – and we’re having a blast! (pun intended)

Each couple puts $5 in the hat when we arrive at the range, we shoot in a fun, light competition – or as “light” as the competition can be among avid shooters – then the winning couple gets the money to go toward their dinner and movie, which we all enjoy together afterward.

The first month’s target was a splatter Battleship game, which was fun, but much harder than it looked.  My husband and I won that one, but since we were a bit vague on which round determined the winner, we split the booty with another shooter and her daughter that won another round.

At the most recent date night, several couples thought they had won, but found out later that they didn’t; and the rub was that they didn’t lose because they couldn’t shoot, but because they couldn’t add – LOL.  My husband and I were in that group, unfortunately.

We were shooting at a dart board and had to get as close as possible to a certain total without going over.  A few of us stopped at or very near the total, only to find out as we double checked the numbers that we were actually over.

Fortunately, movies that shooters would enjoy have recently been available at the theater, such as Act of Valor and The Hunger Games; but future date nights may include bowling, playing Laser Shot, cooking outside on a fire, board games in the archery building, and more – after the requisite shooting, of course.

So why not try a date night at your range?  It’s a great opportunity for people who enjoy shooting to get to know each other better, and we have found that a few non-shooting wives have begun to come out and enjoy the other activities with their husbands, and with us.  Hopefully, we will convince them to shoot with us soon.