Happy Birthday, Texas!

Today is the 175th birthday of my adopted home state, Texas, and as the saying goes, “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could.” Although I was born in Alabama and have lived in several southern states, I’ve been in Texas for close to 30 years and have raised all my children here.

One of my good friends, Seresa, recently posted the following on her facebook page, and I think it sums up the feelings of all who call themselves Texans:

“I love Texas! Really…beyond the incredible special breed that is a Texan, the state itself is amazing. If you want desert and cactus, we’ve got it. If you want mountains and some snow, just head west or to the panhandle. We have the coast with beaches and palm trees. We have the piney woods of east Texas…beautifully green!

The hill country in central Texas is gorgeous with the hills, rocks, and clear water rivers. Lakes, rivers, springs, caverns…It doesn’t get better than this. International cultures of all varieties can be found, but true Texas culture will be found in them all here. It’s a good thing more people don’t travel the state the way we do…they wouldn’t want to leave and it might get a little crowded (though I heard recently that the entire population of the world could all fit in the borders of Texas in single family homes of 3-4 people! WOW!)”

I hope everyone loves their home state the way those of us in Texas do. Here’s a link to a short CBS News story on Texas Independence Day. So celebrate Texas today – have some BBQ, Tex-Mex, or at least raise a toast to the Great State of Texas with a really good Margarita!