Now he knows

So I was in the gun store last night, buying a loaner for my ladies steel challenge club, and as I approached the counter, the guy behind it looked at the quarter hanging from a chain around my neck and said, “Somebody shoot your quarter?”

I was a little taken aback, but said, “Yeah, I did.”  He snickered and said, “You did?”  I was a bit more irritated now and said, “Yes, I shot it.  That’s why I’m wearing it.”  He didn’t say anything, so I added, “…one-handed, at 20 feet.”

His eyes got big and he just looked at me a minute, I guess trying to see if I was kidding or not, but then he grumbled, “Good shot,” and went off to help someone else.

I was offended at first, because I know if my husband had walked in with a quarter on a necklace, the question would have been, “What did you shoot that with?”  But I had to realize that at least I had opened the guy’s eyes, both literally and figuratively, to the fact that yes, women can shoot, too.  Guess that makes it a good day for everyone.

8 responses to “Now he knows

  1. Aww, bet I could do that…
    if I was shooting at a garbage can lid, and who wants to wear one of those around their neck.
    Good shooting, Cathi. What you have is lots better! You have every reason to be proud of what you can do.

    • It cracks me up to think of you wearing a trash can lid around your neck. LOL And I know I’m not the best shot on the planet but just wanted him to know that I knew what I was doing. Thanks for the smile, Rob. 🙂

    • I got a Beretta NEOS .22 with a six-inch barrel. It’s a sweet gun that shoots really well and is good for Steel Challenge. It is also good as a loaner for new shooters in my women’s basic classes, and isn’t too pricey. Its our favorite low caliber shooter.

  2. We have hostage targets in a local steel shoot. If you shoot the hostage then you have to wear the cowbell until the next shooter hits a hostage. It helps a little if you ring the cowbell in the shooter’s ear. Been there.

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