“Sassin’ Up My Mags”

I love Beth’s ideas :0) Check out her blog and watch for her at the Single Stack Nationals and Bianchi Cup this year! Good luck, Beth!

Sass, Brass & Bullets

"Kiss My Sass"
“Kiss My Sass” by Nike

I’ve been feeling awful sassy this week. I blame it on Nike for creating a new t-shirt.  I just happened to see it when I walked by Lady Footlocker the other day on my lunch break.  The color they had in the store wasn’t the cutest but I ordered one online and it should be delivered to my local Lady Footlocker next week.  I can’t wait!  Be sure to look for me at Single Stack Nationals and Bianchi Cup.  I’ll be wearin’ my sassy shirt!

The other reason I’m feeling a bit sassy is because I decided to add some sass to my G34 magazines.  I was browsing the scrapbooking section of Walmart the other day and found some cute little twirly stickers that I thought would look cute on my mags.  Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “do the words ‘cute’ and ‘magazine’ belong in the same…

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