“Firearms Industry Helps Lead Economic Recovery…”

Say what you will about women getting “duped” by gun manufacturers who are only marketing to the ladies to make a buck, but women shooters are not stupid and, hey, at least somebody’s doing something, right?

A new study put out by the National Shooting Sport Foundation details “double-digit gains in jobs and other data showing the industry has been a leader in the nation’s economic recovery.”

You can read the entire report by CLICKING HERE.

The report states that “Firearms industry members on Capitol Hill were briefed on such remarkable statistics as the 30.6 percent increase in jobs between 2008 and 2011, a 66.5 percent increase in economic impact and a 66.5 percent increase in federal taxes paid by industry companies.”  Sounds like good economic news for a change.

And what’s up with all the firearms marketing to women these days?  Well, my belief is that manufacturers are just catching up with an already existing trend in women stepping up and taking control of their safety – and even learning they can have fun in the process.

Head over to MSNBC and view their Market Day video on the subject by CLICKING HERE – but wait for the video to load, it may take a while.

And while reporters may snicker, shake their heads in wonder, and mispronounce “Smith and Wesson,” it seems women and guns are good for the economy – who knew?

To read a previous post about the numbers of women coming into the firearms field, click on “Ladies, You Are in Good Company!”


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