The Shot Heard Round The World

237 years ago today, that shot was heard round the world as soon-to-be Americans stood their ground against British soldiers who sought to seize their arms and ammo, thus their ability to defend themselves against governmental oppression.

I was going to write a longer post about the event, but knew someone else would come forward having done a better job.

As expected, Miss Western Rose, over at The Little Adventures of Wester Rose, put up a post today quoting a letter written last year by The Arctic Blogger to Captain John Parker.  I will simply link to it here, since it speaks volumes of the tough decisions and extreme sacrifice made by those early Americans as they took a stand and created a nation.

You can find the post and the letter by CLICKING HERE.  I encourage you to take the time to read it.

For more information on this day in history, visit the Texas Appleseed facebook page.

God bless America!


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