Situational Awareness – See What You’re Missing

According to the US Coast Guard, “Situational Awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission.  More simply, it’s knowing what is going on around you.”

To bring that down to a personal level, your mission, as you interact with others out in the world each day, is to stay safe and possibly even to help others do the same.  In order to do that, however, you must be aware of what is going on around you; and that becomes increasingly difficult to do as we allow our electronic devices and other distractions to demand so much of our attention.

More and more, I see people walking, and even driving, without having a clue what is going on around them, because they are either talking on the phone, texting, checking email, or scrolling through their online music library.  Should a bad situation happen to, or near, these folks, their reaction time would likely be much too long to prevent damage to themselves or someone else.

The American Trigger Sports Network has published an episode of Stop the Threat that describes this very scenario.  You can find it by clicking on The Jogger – but CAUTION, mature audiences only.

No one wants to go through their day-to-day life in a state of paranoia, always looking over their shoulder for the bad guy – but that’s not what is being suggested here.  What is being suggested is that we put away the distracting devices as we go about our day, engage in the present, and be more aware of our surroundings.

And truthfully, by doing that, we are not only more aware of potentially harmful situations, we are also more aware of the beautiful cloud formations in the sky, the colorful flowers that were just planted at the store entrance, or maybe even the woman next to us at the bus stop that has on a lovely blouse and really needs to hear an encouraging word.

What will you notice in your world today?

You can view another Stop the Threat video by CLICKING HERE.


2 responses to “Situational Awareness – See What You’re Missing

  1. Not only more aware of potentially harmful situations, your more likely to prevent them from happening in the first place. Think about it, if you’re a would be attacker who would you target: 1. The woman walking to her car, slightly hunched over with her head down, looking at her phone and texting, or 2. The woman walking upright, shoulders back and confident with her gaze straight ahead, aware of her surroundings.

    Thanks for posting, I am going to check out that article.

    • Absolutely. In fact, someone here was in a situation where she felt she was being stalked by a bad guy before and during her trip to the store. He followed her around the store, not buying anything himself, and when she left the store he and three other men were standing between her and her car.

      She got a firm grip on her gun and walked confidently to her car, watching them the entire time, and they just let her pass. They knew she was aware of them, had been aware of the guy in the store, as well, and could tell she was prepared to do more than become a victim.

      Bad guys are looking for an easy mark – don’t be one!

      (Of course, she also could have gone inside and asked the store manager to walk out with her, but she was most likely better prepared to defend herself than he was – or she could have asked them to call the police – and let her food go bad while she waited 🙂

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