A Continuum of Shooting Techniques

Rob has some great points on the progression of target practice techniques.


I learned something basic about pointing a gun at a target.  When we first learned to shoot, we’re given pretty simple instructions.  Later we find out there is a more to the techniques than we were told at first.  As you’d expect, shooting is a continuum.  That makes learning to shoot so fascinating.

Do you remember when you shot a pellet gun as a kid?  If you’re like me, you had a clear focus on the sights.  Back then, we shot at small wooden blocks that could easily hide behind the front sight.  Hitting them required precise alignment.

Ten years later, I learned to shoot a handgun as if it were a short barreled rifle.  A shooting coach taught me to hit a target the size of a quarter from 75 feet away.  Skip forward another thirty years

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