Looks like the flashbang holster made it to CNN!

Cafferty File

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

Gun sales are booming, and women are a big part of the reason why.

The Daily Beast reports on the National Rifle Association getting in touch with its feminine side at its annual convention. Companies sell all sort of things: pink firearms, guns that are small enough to fit in a small purse, black and pink shooting targets and even a bra holster.

As the inventor of the Flashbang Women’s Holster tells The Daily Beast: “Nothing comes between a girl and her gun.”

Of course if you’re carrying a gun there, you want to be doubly sure the safety is on. The National Sporting Goods Association says nearly 47% more women are shooting today compared with 10 years ago, and a Gallup Poll last year found almost one in four American women own at least one gun.

The number of women at NRA shooting clinics has…

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  1. Thanks for posting this article! I think there’s a few different reasons we are seeing this. I think the biggest one is that shooting is more available and welcoming to women nowadays. It’s not just a boys club anymore. Look at everything that is specifically tailored to women: training, accessories, even firearms themselves. I don’t thing you really saw any of that 10-15 years ago.

    I think the demand has always been there it’s just now that the big boys are taking notice.

    • I agree, and I also think there are quite a few womens groups that are showing how much fun it is to shoot, and that it is now more socially acceptable for women to enter those circles once believed to be primarily male territory. Social media has helped spread the word quickly, and that’s been a great thing for women.

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