Coming Soon: Gabby Franco interview

Keep an eye out here for an interview with Gabby Franco of Top Shot Season 4!  Gabby and everybody who is anybody – except me 😦 – is at the NRA annual event right now in St. Louis, but I’m hoping to have the interview with her, and others, in the coming weeks.

Gabby has posted pictures on her facebook page showing her catching up with others from Top Shot, either this season’s contestants or those from previous seasons, as well as many other ladies in shooting sports.  It looks like a good time is being had by all.

Next year’s NRA meeting will be held in Houston, in my own back yard, so we will have lots of in-person interviews, photos, and maybe even a first-hand report of a who’s who shoot at our own home range.  Can’t wait!


2 responses to “Coming Soon: Gabby Franco interview

    • Haha – she does look really tiny – especially next to Greg Littlejohn! I know that Littlejohn is just really tall, but I’ve seen other women next to him and there isn’t as much of a difference as when he’s standing next to Gabby 🙂 She seems very sweet – can’t wait to talk to her.

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