Over 10,000 Hits!!

We topped 10,000 hits to the blog today, which is an unbelievable number to me!  This blog has been so fun to do, and I thank you so much for stopping by and for being part of it.

As a thank you, I am going to give away a copy of Julie Golob’s book “Shoot” to the person that gets closest, without going over, to the number of different countries represented by readers in the past 30 days.  If there is a tie, it will go to the person that guesses the country where most of the hits have come from, outside the US or Canada – or gets closest to that country.  I’ll keep the contest open for a week and will decide the winner by midnight on the 11th.

Thank you again!


12 responses to “Over 10,000 Hits!!

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I noticed that I have a fair number of comment followers, but wanted to ask you to consider becoming full email followers. As a comment follower you won’t get notice of every post, just when someone comments. You can click on “Follow Blog Via Email” on the right sidebar if interested.
    Thanks for reading!

    • Haha – I know, Rob, I have been – and thanks for noticing 🙂 Everything has converged into a perfect storm of busy-ness lately that’s caused me to put the blog on the back burner. I should be back in the game by next week, though. Thank you for all your support!

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