Recipe Review: Adobo Javelina Backstrap

Not long ago, I posted that I was going to make Georgia Pellegrini’s Adobo Javelina Backstrap recipe and review “Girl Hunter, Revolutionizing the way we eat, one hunt at a time.”  Time got away from me and what I thought had been only a couple of weeks ago, has actually turned into a month.  I did, however, make the dish and enjoyed it very much, as did my husband and son.

For the recipe, check out my previous post, “Recipe Review Coming Up.”  In the instructions, Georgia recommends brining the meat first because, as she says, game animals are athletes, running in the wild each and every day, so the meat can tend to be tough if not processed properly.

After following her technique, I can say that this dish was extremely tender and tasty, although I did end up cooking it longer than the recipe required.  The smoky flavor of the chile and adobo sauce really dominates, and although this is not an extremely spicy dish, it might be a bit much for someone that likes their food bland – but then again, said person would not likely try a dish with “adobo” in the title to begin with. 🙂  I would recommend pairing it, though, with side dishes such as rice and steamed veggies so that the pork is allowed to shine as the primary flavor fiesta.

I used hog tenderloins, rather than javelina backstrap, and Georgia states that the recipe may also be used well with antlered game, which would not require the brining process.

Girl Hunter” is filled with recipes for many different types of game, mixed in and among stories of Pellegrini’s hunts for each animal in a beautiful and intellectual tome.  Each scene is painted with such artistry that you feel as though you are right there with her, slipping into the shadows, waiting for that tom turkey to come trotting out, volunteering to be tonight’s tasty treat.

I highly recommend the book, especially for anyone that loves hunting and/or cooking.  You can purchase “Girl Hunter,” or read more about it, by clicking here.


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