“Allie Cat” Barrett on USPSA Shooting

Guest writer and junior USPSA shooter, Allie “Allie Cat” Barrett, explains her favorite sport for us – USPSA practical shooting.  Thanks, Allie, for giving us your perspective on this exciting shooting sport!

By Allie “Allie Cat” Barrett

Shooting has been a major part of my life.  USPSA is one of the most exciting sports to shoot in the industry.  There are so many challenging stages in USPSA matches.  Whether it’s shooting from behind, under, or around a barricade; or shooting low, shooting a Texas star, or avoiding no-shoot targets, it’s action packed from the sound of the timer, to when the Range Officer gives you the command to “Empty and Show Clear, Hammer Down, Reholster.”

“USPSA” stands for “United States Practical Shooting Association.”  It’s not like IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), where you have to wear a vest and stay behind concealment.  To me, it’s less about the Tactical aspect and more about scoring the best possible score in the shortest amount of time – hopefully, without any procedurals!

In the Course of Fire, you may have to duck down to shoot through different ports, or step on activators to engage swingers.  It really makes you think about your timing.

There are different divisions in USPSA, such as Production, Limited, Open, Limited 10, Single Stack, and Revolver.  Each division has its own rules that you have to go by.  Also, there are other divisions you can enter, such as Lady, Junior, Senior, and Super Senior; for example, I enter each match as a Junior Lady in Production.

This sport is really easy to get into.  The best place to start is www.uspsa.org.   The website is full of information that list clubs, matches, rules, and most importantly, how to join!  Phil Strader is the new USPSA President and is really a great guy!

Hope to see you on the range!

Note:  Check out the Women of USPSA Blog to read more about Allie in Junior Journeys, as well as many other junior and women USPSA shooters – and check out my previous profile of Allie in “Interview:  “Allie Cat” Barrett, A Top Junior Shooter.”


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