Shotguns and Sally Hope

I’ve been meaning to link to a story over at Sally Hope for some time, one in which she relates her love of shooting to real life experiences.  In this particular post, Sally was doing some skeet shooting and not shooting well:  “I wanted to give up.  Stop shooting.  But instead the next station I went to, I asked the shooting coach to give me specific help.  Show me what I’m doing wrong.  Give me tips on how to improve.  And the next time I shot, I hit half my targets.  Three in a row.  Not perfect but definitely better.”

First relating her experiences to shooting, and then to life and those times when we can’t figure out what we’re doing wrong but just know something is off, this first-hand shotgun story will inspire you to ask for advice whenever you find yourself in a similar situation – on or off the gun range.

You can find the story here:  “Shotguns.  And What That Has To Do With Your Life.”  And while you are there, check out her other posts.  I always learn something from this inspiring site and love her attitude about life.


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