Lots of “senior” women shooters

I’m headed out to teach a Guns 101 class this morning, and I’ve realized lately that the majority of the women who are contacting me about either classes or our leagues are primarily past child-bearing age.  I would guess that most are well above 45, with the majority even older; and women under 30 are definitely in the minority.

Of course, no longer having young children at home can not only free up time to pursue a new hobby, such as shooting, but it can also give moms more comfort in knowing there are no children and firearms in the house at the same time.  (Many moms worry about that when their children are young, though with proper training they would come to realize that their kids can learn to respect the firearms, even use them safely as they get older, just as we did when we were young; and that their children would be better protected in the event of a home invasion – but that’s a topic for another day) 🙂

It could also be that I’m almost to that “senior” category myself, so maybe they feel comfortable joining me in my mid-life obsession.

Whatever the reason, all ages are welcome, as we get out and have tons of fun with girls and guns!

Have an awesome day – and go shoot something this weekend!


2 responses to “Lots of “senior” women shooters

  1. No, you’re not a senior yet – in fact, I don’t think you and I ever will be :0) But based on the ladies I’ve talked to lately, it’s more “Grannie, Get Your Gun,” which is fine, because I’m a grannie, too!

    And yes, I’m very proud of them. I had two new ladies yesterday that stood out in the cold and rain because they wanted to shoot so much. I offered to let them come back today when the weather was better, but they pressed on, had a great time, and did really well. It was a blast!

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