New blood!

One of my favorite things to do is introduce women to the shooting world – and if it is one of our own kids, that’s even better.  It is hard to believe that our daughter, Taylor, had not been to the range with us before, but her Honey’s work schedule makes it hard to coordinate dates.

We made it this past weekend, though, and Taylor and Justin brought their friends, Lindsey and Aaron with them.  Taylor had never shot, Lindsey had shot only a few times, with Aaron’s .45 caliber – but didn’t like it much.

I started both girls out with a Beretta .22 semi-automatic, just so they could focus on learning the basics of sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and stance – without worrying about recoil, since Taylor is terrified by anything that goes BOOM! 🙂

The picture above is the second target they both shot at, having only put about 10 rounds each in their initial target.  The first one I put up for them had a really small bullseye and was just a little too hard to focus on.  We were only about five yards away from the one above, but as you can see, they learned a lot very quickly.  Taylor took center mass and Lindsey took the head shots.

We then switched to a full-silhouette target – and I moved the girls back to about 10-12 yards, because they were doing too well.  They ended up blowing the middle out, only one stray shot outside the 10 ring, and I kept telling them to take a step back.

They also got to watch and/or try some trap shooting, and then settled in with .22 rifles to shoot their first two targets of the NRA/Winchester Smallbore Rifle qualifications at 50 ft.  Both girls qualified as Pro-Marksmen, with their sweeties acting as magazine boys and spotters for them 🙂  I was really proud of the girls for hanging in for several hours and actually learning to shoot, rather than just yanking the trigger a couple of times and being done with it all.  (Oh, and I have to be sure to mention that the guys qualified as Pro-Marksmen with the rifles, as well)

I think they both had a great time, were proud of themselves, maybe learned to enjoy shooting, and hopefully will be back at the range with us soon.  And though I didn’t get to shoot much that day, I enjoy helping others have tons of fun with girls and guns “almost” as much as getting to shoot 🙂


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