In honor of Valentine’s Day, a husband’s perspective…

The following is an unsolicited post from an awesome man I know very well 😉

How do men feel about wives who shoot? I have heard some guys say they don’t want their wives to know how to shoot, for what I would say are some pretty lame reasons.  But we’re also hearing from some pretty happy guys lately, whose wives are finally getting into shooting, and they are loving it.

I am happy my wife shoots and is comfortable with her guns – yes, “her guns.”  My wife is awesome with her Glocks, she has a 19 and a 34 model, and I feel good about the fact that if I am not home and she needs to defend herself, that she can, and will.  She scored better than I did on our CHL test – she shot a perfect 250 and I shot a 246.  We are able to share our hobby and our love for shooting with each other.  It’s cool to shoot with her, and I personally think that women with guns are hot! (especially my wife)

So what if your wife can out-shoot you?  Get ready for that to happen if she really dives in. Women seem to be naturals at shooting.  I have watched the women in my wife’s gun leagues, and they are really good shots.  Can your ego handle it?  Again, I want her to be able to hit what she aims at if someone ever breaks in or threatens her – plus, she just loves to shoot.

Well, what are the thoughts from you guys?


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