Generation HC (High Caliber)

I was just telling my sister the other day how impressed I’ve been with the young people I’ve met at the range over the past few years, and then I read a great post today on Allie “Allie Cat” Barrett that I am compelled to pass along – and thanks to Beth at  Sass, Brass, and Bullets for sharing it.

Allie is a 15 year-old USPSA tournament target shooter from Stockton, Missouri, and she is a stellar example of the quality of young people involved in shooting sports today.  A Barrett family friend, and author of the Wee Five Family blog, wrote about his impressions of this young lady in “Just Another Blonde Girl With A Gun.”

I hope to publish an interview with Allie sometime soon, as well as other members of her generation that I’m equally impressed with, such as her brother, Andy; and Western Rose, a Project Appleseed rifle instructor over at The Little Adventures of Western Rose.

These young ladies, and many young men, are members of the under-20 group I choose to call the High Caliber Generation, the ones that we can be proud to entrust future generations of shooters to.

So check out these posts and blog sites, and I hope to be posting my first interview with a young shooter soon.  Oh, and check out Allie’s facebook page for more info on her amazing shooting accomplishments.

Happy shooting!


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