Women’s Shooting Events Going Viral

Just a short note tonight to say that I am sooooo excited about all that is going on in the world of women’s shooting sports/events/activities these days.  I talked to Lynne Finch today, of National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day, http://nationaltakeyourdaughtertotherangeday.com/, and Female and Armed blog, http://www.femaleandarmed.blogspot.com/, and some very exciting things are in the works.

If you haven’t checked out those sites yet, please do, and please get involved.  This will be a great opportunity to get many young women out to the range and introduce them to the shooting sports.

Also, I have ordered four books, all of which I believe have been published within the last year – probably in the last six months – related to women who shoot.  I will be doing reviews here soon, so keep watching for that, and will also have some interviews of amazing young people, who are truly the next generation of shooters.

There are so many different disciplines within the shooting sports, from practical shooting to hunting, and from cowboy/girl shooting to Olympic events, that there is truly something for everyone.  Check out my previous blog post:  “Ladies, You Are in Good Company,” at https://roundsandroses.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/ladies-you-are-in-good-company/, to get an idea of the size and scope of women’s shooting events.


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