Another Komen reversal…or not?

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has made policy reversals in the past, but this latest controversy may have been instigated by California gun seller, Discount Gun Sales, instead.  The breast cancer research foundation came under intense fire recently when they pulled support from Planned Parenthood due to investigations of PP, but then reversed their stance after negative public response and once again agreed to support the organization.

About the same time, Komen supporters also railed against the reported affiliation between the breast cancer research foundation and the Walther gun manufacturing company.  The two companies were said to have teamed up to produce the Walther P-22 Hope Edition, “breast cancer pink” slide included.

Many Komen backers have expressed anger over the foundation’s support and involvement in producing a firearm, although a portion of the firearm’s sales were said to have gone into breast cancer research.

Now reports are coming out that Komen had no involvement in the pink P-22 and company representatives are denying the affiliation.  So was this just an advertising gimmick by Discount Gun Sales, another cave-in to controversy by Komen, or just some huge misunderstanding?

Maybe we need to hear from the Walther corporation.

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