Why should women join a local shooting league?

Well, the simple answer to the title question is:  Some women don’t go to the bathroom alone in a restaurant; what makes anyone think they would go shoot by themselves?

In fact, many women do shoot by themselves when necessary, but being the social creatures that we are, it’s just much more fun to go with other women.

And after a basic instructional class, I think a league is one of the most important things new women shooters can do, because it helps to keep you in the practice loop.  As busy as everyone is these days, it is sometimes hard to set aside the time to go to the range; so being part of a league has many benefits, some of which are:

1.  There is usually a fee to join the league, and if we are going to pay for something, we usually are more likely to do it.

2.  There is accountability from having a certain day and time to be at the range.

3.  It’s an easy way to find other women who like to shoot and who might join you at other times.

4.  You can get help with issues you are having, or give help to someone who is just starting out.

I’ve been to the range many times lately, where I’ve seen a woman shooting with a few men and have approached her to talk about our women’s events.  Every time, she has been thrilled to find out there are other ladies who like to shoot and fun events to join in on.

So check with your local range to see if there are women’s leagues already there, but if not, think about starting one yourself.  There are many leagues around that have “franchised” to areas outside their own and will be more than happy to help you get started.  Let me know if you need some suggestions.

And if you have been a member of a league, please leave a comment and let us know why you joined and what you got out of it.

See you at the range!

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