I was encouraging a friend and fellow shooter this morning that has a lot on her plate, and I told her not to forget to shoot.  I think everyone that is involved in a sport or hobby knows how calming and stress-releasing it can be, and shooting is no different.

And it’s not an anger thing, like some people joke about – “Gotta go to the range and burn off some steam!”  Sure, sometimes I feel like that, but more often, it’s just that tightness you get between your shoulders when you have too much going on, and you have so many things flying around in your head that your eyes are about to pop out.

But there is no better way I know to forget all of that, than to put a full magazine in your gun, focus on that little black dot downrange, and punch holes in paper.  The focus that you must have to shoot well is incredible, and staying in that zone for even a little while can make everything else just melt away.

Yep, shooting is definitely my yoga :0)  Can “bang” be a mantra?

(Here’s a great post by Lynne on the same subject – as well as an update on National Take Your Daughters To The Range Day:

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  1. I did go to the range yesterday. Had a great time, shot about an hour (there was a line so the time limit was in effect). Did a few drills, but didn’t work too hard, Just focused on slowing down and working on my accuracy. I had gotten some comments from my instructor the day before at a class, he made some suggestions about my draw, they worked, I liked them. Bt the time I was done I had a few scattered shots and one really big hole where the sticker used to be on the paper. 🙂 And…CALM! Relaxed…Ommmmmmmm thanks Cathi!

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