To Pink Or Not To Pink…

So here’s the question:  “Women wearing pink camo:  What are you trying to blend into?”

And of course that question could be asked of anyone wearing any color of camo in any setting outside the typical hunt setting, i.e., the woods.

But as the debate continues on whether pink camo, hunting gear, fishing gear, and pink guns themselves are actually enticing to women, more pink gear is being made and displayed in stores every day.

Only about 15-16% of women, “survey said,” prefer the color pink for their hunting and fishing gear, although no one is sure of the percentage of women that actually purchase those items.  Obviously, pink gear is being sold or savvy manufacturers would not be making it, but are the women who actually shoot and fish primarily the ones purchasing the gear?

About half the women surveyed in recent studies said they felt pink outdoor gear to be insulting, and most women in the survey said they prefer traditional camo colors or black for their gear, although many probably don’t care one way or the other.

Initially, I was put off by the pink camo due to the fact that I’ve never been a pink girl and I felt that the manufacturers were just assuming that most women likepink – because we’re girls.  In fact, I’ve never seen pink gear out at the range where I shoot, and most of the women I know who hunt and fish are not into the girly-girl look – at least not at the range or in the hunting blind.  I also felt that if companies wanted to appeal more to women, and thought the color of the gear was the way to go about it, they would offer a wider range of colors and not focus so much on just one.

Another reason is that I think we’ve been inundated with pink everything lately, ad nauseam.  I have no qualms about the breast cancer pink campaign, but when it is showing up on everything from toilet paper to professional football players, I can’t help but feel like it’s gone too far.

And maybe it’s just the shade of the pinkness that bothers me.  I do have a couple of caps I wear to the range that have traditional camo along with a very light pink logo, or some other small, light pinkness to it – but the bright, hot pink that’s going around is just too much for this strawberry-redhead to handle.  And pink guns?  I still can’t get used to that.  Yes, I think some of the guns look cute, but is that really what you want to pull from your holster – a “cute” gun?  I mean, we’re not playing games here.  This is not Barbie’s Day at the Gun Range or Barbie Defends Herself Against the Rapist day, or even Barbie Takes Down a Big Buck day – you get the idea.

So do I mind that there are more options for women in hunting and fishing gear?  Absolutely not.  Do I know of anywomen who have purchased these items?  No.  Would I like a wider range of color options?  Yes.  Would I actually purchase them?  H’m, probably not.

And therein may lie the problem.  I think there are a lot of women who think some of the pink gear is adorable – in the stores, but when it comes down to actually buying guns and accessories that they will use out in the field or carry on their person, it’s probably rare that the pink stuff makes it past the front door – except as a gift from the guy who is trying to get his princess to go hunting with him :0)  I guess we’ll just see how the market unfolds over time.

So what do you think?  Pink or no pink?  That is the question.

4 responses to “To Pink Or Not To Pink…

  1. Well, maybe I can offer another view on the pink hunting gear. Personally I am not into anything pink, except for pink hunting accessories. I don’t own anything pink, except of course my bow and arrow, which I loved getting as a gift. My family has a ranch in Texas and every year I look forward to getting together during hunting season with them. When I saw my step-mom wearing light pink camo pants, I wanted some! Most of the women who gather for the hunts are indeed there to support the men in their lives who enjoy the sport and actually bring home some meat for the table. Growing up, my father was always gone on the weekends to go hunting, just the guys, and I missed out on all that fun. But now my brothers take their girlfriends and their friends bring their girlfriends along. And while some of us may not want to shoot anything, we certainly enjoy spotting dear, turkey or even hogs and riding along with our men in the hunt. It has been a great opportunity to experience the outdoors, and even snap some great photos.

    I like some pink camo, not hot pink or anything that sparkles, and enjoy wearing it when the time arises. Personally, I think it is cute with a T-shirt on the weekends too. I would certainly rather be with my boyfriend hunting than waiting at home for him. And he wants me to go along, so why not look cute!

    Now for the serious female hunters, I can see your point, but then again those Harley riders in pink are popping up everywhere.

    Anyway, if pink camo is a way to get fathers to bond with their daughters and young men to get their girlfriends into hunting, why not try to entice them with something pink to start?

    • Thanks for the comment, jonij68! I completely agree. Like I said, I have had a couple of ball caps with the light pink on them, and now I also have a t-shirt as well. I think the light pink is growing on me :0) But whatever works, is my theory! In fact, as I sit here now, I have on a pair of light pink, soft, cozy, warm, workout-type pants – what is happening to me??? :0)

  2. Not sure if I agree with your posting.
    Hunting for example although I’ve never been nor plan too BUT wouldn’t that help you stand out from friendly fire? Clearly the target can’t be in pink vs a blended color such as camo hues.
    Personally I love Pink, Can’t wait to puchase my newest handgun and get it shipped for dura-coating.
    1. its my favorite color
    2. I’ll still look stylish with personal carry and @ the range
    3. there will never be a mix up in firearms between me & my husbands, Granted my will be solely for personal pertection, So if a bad guy think that this CUTE fiream won’t harm him, he’d be sadly mistaken.

    • Hi, Mrs Strawberry Neal!

      Thanks for the comment! As I said, it’s really a personal preference. I’ve even started wearing the light pink with cammo and black, but when I grew up in the ’60’s and was told I could never wear pink, orange, or red because of my red hair, I just developed an aversion to those colors – sad to say. I think my complaint is more that the manufacturers chose one color to represent all women and then flooded the market with it, expecting us all to want it. I would like to see more colors – and have seen some handguns with red grips that I really like. Of course, hunters in Texas have to wear the hunter (neon) orange, so no problem standing out in that arena :0) And really, who gives a flip what a bad guy thinks, right? All the better if he underestimates his victim and she shows him who’s boss with her pink gun!

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