Please, Don’t Teach My Wife To Shoot!

So recently I got to talking to the dishwasher repairman about shooting (somehow), probably because hunting season was about to begin.  I mentioned that I like to shoot pistols and that we had started a women’s handgun league at our range.  He seemed a bit surprised.  When he was packing up his tools to leave, I mentioned that if he knew any women that liked to shoot, or might want to learn, that I would be happy to send information to them about our women’s activities.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man’s head whip around quite so fast.  He looked like I was from Mars when he said, “There’s no way I’m teaching my wife to shoot!”

I said, “Really?  She might like it and actually be good at it.”

He said, “Yeah, that’s why I’m not teaching her.”

Seriously, that man looked completely terrified at the very thought of his wife being able to shoot a gun.  Does it really make him more comfortable knowing he has guns in the house and she DOESN’T know how to use them?  Or is he, personally, just too afraid that she might turn on him?  Either way, that’s not good.  This was a man that I could tell through our conversation really enjoyed shooting, whether hunting with a rifle, shooting a shotgun, or even a handgun.  Apparently, though, he was horrified at the thought of his wife sharing in those hobbies with him.

Houston, we have a problem.

I guess we just have to assume that in his opinion:  A)  Shooting is only for men; B)  She doesn’t need to know how to defend herself – she has him to do that for her (as long as he is with her 24/7); C)  It didn’t matter that should she have to try to use the gun in a bad situation, she might do something wrong and harm herself or someone else unintentionally; or D)  He just really doesn’t trust her not to turn on him.

I didn’t get into it with him, but there was so much I wanted to say.  Maybe his wife really is a horrible person that shouldn’t be trusted with a firearm, and if that’s the case, I feel sorry for him; but chances are that’s not the case.  And maybe she wouldn’t enjoy shooting, but who knows, because she’s not going to get a chance to try if he has anything to say about it.

How about this scenario:  Maybe their relationship would benefit from sharing some hobbies, such as time spent together at the hunting cabin or practicing their skills at the range?

All I know is that most of the ladies I’ve met who shoot, enjoy doing so with their husbands/significant others and spending time with them just as any couple would who play golf or tennis together.  And maybe my dishwasher repairman just didn’t want his wife invading his “man time” with the guys, but apparently she won’t have that option – unless another girlfriend comes along to let her know how much fun she is missing.  We can only hope :0)


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