Just a quickie…

I scared it once, then split it the next time :0

What a great time at the range tonight!  Didn’t get to shoot much, but had a great time letting some friends catch up with my NRA pistol qualification run (story to come).

AND I was challenged to split another business card in half…by the awesome retired Marine Captain, Ed McCourt…and I did it!  This one took me about seven shots, but I got it done – and Ed set it up the long way for me this time (the easier way), not the short way as I had done previously :0)

Gotta give it to the Captain, cause he got it on the first shot!  This was my third attempt, though, and third card split, so maybe it’s not an accident anymore 🙂

And why do we do it?  Same reason we do most things in life that are fun – it’s a challenge.  It’s fun to push your limits and see what you can do – makes you realize you can usually do more than you think you can.  Happy shooting!

Numero dos


Numero uno


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