Lara Croft Dreams

Are you new to shooting or have recently become more active at the range, and you’re beginning to have “Lara Croft” dreams every night?  You know, those are the dreams where you are fighting the bad guys all night, wake up exhausted and sometimes upset and disappointed because you didn’t win?

Well, good news, I found out it’s nothing to worry about!  Although sometimes those dreams can be frightening and make you wonder if you are having premonitions of some end-of-the-world scenario, it turns out that since you have been thinking about shooting during the day, your brain (when it has your undivided attention) will begin to run you through various exercises where you might actually have to use those newly-obtained skills.

It doesn’t seem to matter that you might just be shooting at paper targets and not involved in self-defensive activities, just the fact that you are shooting a gun can begin to stir those nocturnal visions about a life-or-death situation.

I know from personal experience that it can be scary to wake up and realize you’ve been fighting for your life all night – and maybe losing the battle – but as time has gone by, I’ve had fewer of those dreams and now win more than I lose.  I guess it means that at least my brain is feeling more confident in my ability to handle possible real-life defense situations, although sometimes my conscious mind is doubtful.

And while psychology experts and dream analysts may enjoy attaching numerous explanations for some of the scenarios that run through our synapses, my belief is that it’s pretty clear and straight-forward – we now know how to use a weapon that could assist us in a self-defense situation but our brain may not be so sure we could fare well at the point of crisis, so it takes the only opportunity it has to run us through real-time survival courses.

Gee, thanks!  I guess that explains my fatigue lately :0)  But maybe we should embrace these dreams (nightmares) as beneficial and allow them to play out.  And what if we could actually use them to help us feel more confident and empowered?  I’m glad you asked, because there is a way.

The next time you awaken from one of these sub-conscious shootouts, take a few moments to relax, slow your breathing, and go back over the dream step by step, if possible.  Think about every aspect of it and what your response was to the threat posed.  Relive it consciously and think about where you were, what you did, and what you were faced with.  Then replay the dream again, only this time, place yourself in the role of victor.  Make the right moves and the right decisions, anticipate the bad-guy’s move, use your weapon smoothly and accurately to take down the predator, and see yourself standing on the high ground with arms raised in victory.

Doesn’t that feel good?  Maybe you don’t think you would do as well if presented with the same threat while awake, but the more comfortable and confident you are in using your firearm, and the more often you replay your dreams and emerge victorious from them, the more assured you will feel should the need arise.


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