Collin and Gigi (me) at the range – what skills do you pass on to your grandchildren? :0)

Hi, and welcome to Rounds and Roses, where we love everything firearms related, especially as it concerns women and even young people.  My name is Cathi Bray and I LOVE to shoot handguns!  I haven’t been shooting very long, but I’m trying to make up for lost time as fast as possible.  I will be writing posts for moms who want to know how to get their children involved in shooting, “older” women who are coming to the sport later in life (as I did), women who are looking for an entry point into shooting or who want to begin to climb the competitive ladder, and just about anything else related to shooting and/or the outdoors.

My awesome husband, Tom, and I have six wonderful children and three amazing grandchildren.  We live in the great State of Texas, where we are still able to exercise our Second Amendment rights without too much interference, and we love being outdoors.  Our youngest son, Dylan, who at 14 is our only child left at home, loves to shoot shotguns with his dad and will even participate in a trap competition soon to show off his skills.  I will be writing soon about how Tom and I got involved in shooting through a desire for Dylan to learn those skills – and about how I didn’t want the older kids to use guns, unfortunately – but thank goodness for the 4-H clubs, because although Tom enjoyed going on quail hunts with his dad many years before, neither of us had a real background in the shooting sports, especially me.

It didn’t take long for us to learn, though!  Tom has found his niche in shotgunning and I am passionate about pistols!  I also love to research the shooting arena and write about my thoughts and experiences – and one of my goals is to someday get my Marine son, Chad, out to the range with me for a shoot off – mano a mom-o :0)

I hope you will subscribe to Rounds and Roses, or check back often.  I’ve got some great interviews coming up with a few of the women from Season 1 of Ammo & Attitude on the Versus Channel, part of the NBC Sports Group, and those are going to be very exciting!  If you haven’t seen the show, you can view it online at:  http://www.ammoandattitude.com/home.html.  You can watch all of Season 1 and then catch up to Season 2, which is currently being shown on Sundays at 11:30 am, Central.

So we’ll be talking again soon, but until then, I’ll see ya at the range!



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